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Easy learning curve

With SampleStudio you can start to edit your audio files in a matter of minutes. It can copy/paste parts from stereo files to mono, mono to stereo and from one wave to another. Playing audio clips uses the same symbolics as used on tape decks and other recording equipment.

Moving clips around is as easy as drag and drop. Loading new files can be done just the same: Drag the file on top of an open SampleStudio window and drop it.

For all actions you can define a keyboard shortcut to save time, and all these shortcuts can be modified to fit your preferences. Also the color scheme used to represent your audio data can be adapted to suit your needs.

Find clips quickly

SampleStudio has an easy to use and quick way of searching for audio clips in a file. It is even possible, if you zoom in far enough, to edit the actual samples using the build in 'pencil' tool and draw right into the waves.

To find the exact piece you are looking for, you can quickly zoom in and out of your wave, slide the screen, find zero crossings on both sides of the selection or use the 'jog-control' tool to listen to clips at the current mouse position.

Internal 32bit processing

All processing that is done internal in SampleStudio is done in 32bits to maintain as much quality of the original file as possible. This is also the case for the realtime effects that run in this application.

Flexible editing

Selecting the piece you want to remove, save or modify is a piece of cake with SampleStudio. You simply drag your mouse over the part you need. It is also possible to select a part of a single channel in a stereo file.

With the quick channel selection buttons you can switch between left, right or both channels. To finetune your selection, fully zoom to either the left or right part of your selection with a single click and drag the border of your selection.

Converting formats and MP3 support

As SampleStudio makes use of the Zeta mediakit to read and write files, a whole range of file formats are to your disposal. This also includes MP3 as Zeta is shipped with an MP3 encoder and decoder. You can load and files in any format for which a decoder and/or encoder is installed on your system.

Besides format conversion, you can also convert the samplerate, do mono/stereo conversions, change the bits per channel or adjust the frequency of your sample.


To filter or modify your selections, SampleStudio is equipped with RealtimeFX™ plugins to add reverb, room effects, remove noise and much more. The RealtimeFX™ plugins are Zeta native and therefore very fast. They will also be used in our future media applications. For developers, we will release a library to add support for RealtimeFX™ to their applications.

Native VST Support

SampleStudio Pro can not only run our own RealtimeFX™ plugins, but it is also capable of running the widely available VST Plugins compiled for BeOS and Zeta. It does this with a native adapter, so there is no need to install or use the VST Media Addon available for this platform.

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