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Wide array of brushes

Refraction® offers various types of brushes at different sizes which can be used in several modes for very creative effects.

Besides the typical round and square brushes, Refraction® features a comprehensive brush system, capable of simulating numerous of natural painting effects and styles. It also supports animated brushes with pressure control and direction control. They can also be used with a drawing tablet.

Powerful Selection Tools

Selection is a snap with Refraction®, thanks to its numerous selection tools available. Refraction® has Square selection, freehand selection (or lasso), Circular selection and, of course, the very useful Magic Wand.

Selection threshold is adjustable, as is the threshold mode (RGB, HSV, hue and luminance), for total control in the selection process. You can invert, grow, and shrink selections, and there is also a convenient crop to selection feature.

Sophisticated support for layers

Refraction® has support for regular layers, as well as Adjustment Layers to adjust brightness, contrast and color balance, Effect Layers to apply light effects, and Fill Layers for color fills, all of them without modifying the layer underneath.

Multiple layer modes are supported, including Dissolve, Overlay, Difference, Hue, Saturation and Color Dodge to just name a few. The alpha value of layers can also be adjusted freely, allowing for great creativity that is limited only by your imagination.

Of course, Refraction® is also capable of manipulating each individual color channel for a layer, this includes the alpha channel. Transparency, color data and layer position for each layer can be locked. This allows for protection of critical pixels and brings another dimension in painting capabilities.

More tools, more creative power

Remove unwanted objects with our Clone Brush or use one of the other tools provided with Refraction® like the Gradient Tool, often refered to as one of the best of it's kind, Retouch Tool, Text Tool, Fill tool or warp tool.

All in all, Refraction® puts in the hand of both the graphic designer and the amateur an array of powerful tools that work fast and effectively thanks to the speed of BeOS.

Correct scanned images

Scanned images often have quite some noise on them, are unsharp or have faint colors. Fixing those problems is as simple as a few clicks with the mouse using Refraction®.

Use our median filter or scratch remover, the unsharpen mask or sharpen filter and one of the automatic color correction filters to quickly correct scanned images.

Improve distorted images

You did not hold your camera straight while shooting your photo or were to far from your object? Simply correct it with Refraction's distortion plugins, the crop tool or it's prespect correction tools.

Correct barrel distortions, pincusion, perspective, skewed images or simply straighten the horizon of an image if it is rotated a bit.

Great color control features

Color balance and levels, as well as contrast and brightness can be adjusted in numerous ways with Refraction®, either automatically or manually.

The Color Shifter feature allows you to change one color to another with great ease. There is color desaturate, posterize, web safe colors, gradient maps and many more ways to control the color of your graphics.

Color correction to the edge

If the simple or automatic color correction filters are not enough, Refraction® allows you to adjust the color of every channel with great detail. It also features a unique brighten filter that enhances brightness of an image while keeping a perfect contrast ratio.

Filters and more filters

Refraction® comes with more than 50 standard filters and, of course, a custom filter feature. Make pencil drawings from a photo, add light effects, create mozaics or posters, add lens flares, add noise, blur or defocus photos and much more.

Most filters have a "Proof" button that allows you to verify the effect on your graphics before you actually apply the filter, which is a great time-saver. Or you can use the auto-proof that is provided with most filters.

Filters are also part of our modular system, allowing third parties to develop filters to extend the Refraction® capabilities even further.

SDK for development of plug-ins

Refraction® features a modular architecture that allows plug-ins to extend the functionality of the program not just with additional filters, but in almost every aspect of the application. The Refraction® Software Development Kit will be available to third parties interested in developing Refraction® plug-ins. Those developers interested in obtaining information about the Refraction® SDK, please contact Xentronix.

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