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Refraction® is an imaging and photo retouching application, designed for the Zeta operating system. Experience the power of its extensive array of high-quality and fast graphic tools, suitable for both professional graphic design, as well as the casual home user.

Product Highlights

  • Multilingual. Switch instantly to over 16 included languages
    (English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and more).
  • Correct perspective and lens flaws of digital images
  • Advanced brush system with natural brush simulation
  • Professional quality color enhancement, adjustment and correction tools
  • Extensive selection and selection manipulation tools
  • Unlimited layers with lots of high quality mixing and blending possibilities
  • Color channel manipulation
  • Dozens of professional filters to enhance, correct and manipulate your images
  • Great set of tools with support for graphic tablets
  • Real-time effect layers to adjust your image without modifying the underneath data
  • Color selection floaters with support for RGB and HSV
  • Load your Refraction images in other Zeta applications by using the included translator plug-in
  • Import files from most popular digital cameras
  • Use the image slicer to create image maps for web pages
  • Completely modular design with the ability to extend the application in every aspect using our SDK
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