Retail version available from 15 august!

The pro version of SampleStudio will be available soon

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Refraction® is an imaging and photo retouching application, designed for the Zeta operating system. Experience the power of its extensive array of high-quality and fast graphic tools, suitable for both professional graphic design, as well as the casual home user.
SampleStudio Pro™ is the fastest and most flexible professional audio editing software for the Zeta OS. It combines easy to use editing functions, realtime virtual effects, VST Plugin support and the power of the Zeta MediaKit.


Quadrix is an adictive matching game. Rotate the disks to make chains of matching colors

VST Plugins

CamelPhatFREE is a completely free, fully-functional, VST plugin. It combines a number of different effects in one unit.
Palancar VST Effect Collection
Set of VST plugins ported from Palancar software
ZR-3 Drawbar Organ
Great VSTi Drawbar Organ.