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02 November 2005

Refraction 1.0.2 released

A new version of Refraction is available for download now. This update is mainly a service release that fixes some important bugs.

We updated both the demo and retail version. Also the downloadable BeOS version is updated to this version.

The most important issue fixed is the input_server lockup that occured on some systems after Refraction was fully loaded.

The list of bugfixes in R1.0.2:

- Bugfix: Color drop crash on swatchview. If no color data is dropped, pass on the
drop message. This way you can still open images by dropping them on the background
color on the new image window
- Fix color drop crash on HSV Slider
- Bugfix: FillTool sometimes started in dropper mode
- Bugfix: ColorPicker now skips hidden layers
- Fix the order of colors in the ChannelRemap filter
- Bugfix: Selection icons did not behave ok on both the lasso and polygon selection tools
- Bugfix: Selection add/sub antialiased trails removed
- Bugfix: Gaussian Blur does now handle convex selections
- Bugfix: FilterAPI change to remove risk of random uninialised memory access.
This caused random system lockups of deskbar/tracker/input_server