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13 August 2005

Refraction® goes golden!

After many years of development, we are very pleased to announce that our imaging and photo editing suite Refraction went golden!

Since the last public beta, Beta 8, a lot has changed in Refraction. We added new tools, greatly improved the speed and stability and fixed a lot of the interface glitches. One of the most requested features were the removal of the toolbar menu, and a correctly working rotation plugin.

To improve the workflow, we increased the number of actions that can be choosen by a keyboard shortcut. All tools were finetuned to be concistent. All tools that can draw lines, circles or squares can be constrained to draw perfect circles and squares, and draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. This shortens the learning curve to use Refraction as well.

Filters were more intergrated in the application, so now you can for example use the dropper tool to select a color to be used in an open filter. And also in this area, many bugs were fixed.

We also put effort in tools needed to create new artwork. We extended our toolset with a straight line tool, a circle and square tool and a polygon tool, which can draw both outlined and filled objects. All of the tools are now also capable of creating antialisased graphics. This even goes for the selection tools.

Shipping of Refraction® will start in about a week. The application will be delivered on a CD in a DVD box, and also contains a 'Quick start manual' in both English and German. Customers who already bought Refraction as a download version can upgrade their copy to the retail version at minimal cost at the Mensys online shop.

And there is even more good news, as our products can now also be obtained from within the USA. We accomplished an agreement with PurPlus, an online store that has sold BeOS related products for years now and recently also became a Zeta reseller. They will ship our products directly from the USA.

We already take pre-orders of the final version. Please visit the "Buy Refraction page" for a list of resellers and more information on where to buy Refraction.

There is also a little sad news for some people. Due some major bugs and problems in BeOS and it's inabillity to run on modern hardware, we are unfortunately forced to stop support for this platform. Our products are therefore only available for Zeta.