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17 June 2005

Customer requests

While we had to wait for the final release of Zeta to finish the release version of Refraction®, we are very pleased with the knowledge that Zeta finally went golden.

This means that we are now cleaning up the last pieces of code and are working hard to write the documentation and some tutorials on how to use our photo imaging software. The release of Refraction® is planned in the upcoming weeks, though exact details will be published soon.

All customers that own a download license, will also get the opportunity to buy a retail version at minimum cost.

As part of our customer support, and by the many requests we got from our users, we already put the forums online again. Most of the topics from our former forum were preserved, and were copied in our new forum module.

In order to tune the documentation and tutorials to the need of our current and future customers, we would appreciate as much feedback on this as possible. We are also in need of royalty free photo material for use in our documentation and tutorials.

So, if you have a question regarding a retouching issue, an idea or photo(s) you'd like to share with other users, please mail us at