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15 February 2004

New version of Refraction® released

Today the new beta is finaly released. The new version has a new registration system, and therefore all people who own a license, need to check their 'MyXentronix' page for the new serial number and product key to activate this beta.

We also decided to release a demo version to the public to check the current state. This demo-version is full featured, though save and print options are disabled. Also there is a watermark on the images and will all other functions be disabled after 30 days. The demo version can be downloaded from the product page, by clicking on the button 'Demo Download'.

Thanks to the help of a lot of people, this version also includes more than 15 languages, with even more to come soon.

Due the fact that the next release shall be a release candidate, this version is the last chance to obtain it with the 'Early Bird License' discount. When we approach release of the next version, this offer will stop.

You can still purchase Refraction™ for the 39.95 EURO Early Bird discount using our product page and the PayPal button, or by a visit to our reseller Mensys who accepts a wide range of payment methodes.

Amongst the things still todo are rotation plugins for 90, 180 and manual degrees and some GUI improvements. Also the documentation will be finished during the coming period.