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Privacy Statement

We respect the rights of your privacy, and will therefore never sell your name to any third party without your consent.

There are various ways we collect personal information:

  1. Register on our site
    When you register on our website, you will need to supply us with some information like a valid email address. Personal information is not required.
  2. Orders
    Orders will always go through one of our resellers. We only provide the registration keys, product keys and site registrations.
    We only use resellers that can garantee your privacy.
  3. Beta Testing
    To garantee the quality of our products, we work with beta testers who will test internal evaluation versions. Beta testers will need to sign an NDA before they will be allowed to download any beta software from us.
  4. Browsing our website
    We collect general usage information of our website visitors and for security reasons, we also collect information about a visitors IP address and browsing behaviour.
  5. Cookies
    Our webportal only uses cookies to remember your login information when you check the 'Remember Me' option at login.
    We will in no way use cookies for any other objective.